Steady start for 171 with registration numbers close to 2016

January 2017 car sales (39,019), on January 2016 (39,722) -1.7% 2017 forecast of new car sales, 142,000 New car sales total in 2016 (146,603) up 17.5% on 2015 €1.5 Billion Exchequer contribution in 2016 from car sales Cost of Motoring: Average price of a new car -5.5% lower (Dec 2016 v Dec 2015), Petrol prices […]

10% Reduction Being Applied Across The New Car Model Range

Mercedes-Benz in Ireland has announced that it is introducing a 10% reduction in the price of all Mercedes-Benz passenger cars with immediate effect.   The reduction, which will apply for a limited period, will be implemented evenly across all models and all model segments, free of any terms and conditions.     The intention behind […]

SIMI/DoneDeal Motor Report Indicates Strong 2016, But Urges Caution For 2017

 New car sales for 2016 expected to finish at 147,000 New car sales at 143,190 for first three quarters of 2016, 18.4% higher than 2015. €1.25 billion contributed to the Exchequer from new car sales, 24.1% ahead of 2015. Strongest car sales growth in first 9 months – Roscommon, 30.9%. Lowest – Leitrim, 11.5% 48,943 […]

Good start for new car registrations as Industry moves towards normality

New car sales total in first 3 months 2016 (82,830) up 28% on 2015 Strongest Growth in Car Sales Q1 2016: Roscommon 45.1%, Longford lowest 17.7% €752 million Exchequer contribution from car sales Q1 of 2016 up 31.4% Commercial Vehicles Q1 2016: Light Commercials +33.6% (13,460) and Heavy Commercial Vehicles    62.8% (1,063) Employment currently […]

Spring arrives early for the Motor Industry as February car sales blossom

Official statistics released today by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) show that new car registrations for the month of February were up 37%( 21,625) compared to February 2015 (15,778) while total new car sales are up 35% (61,350) on the same period last year (45,586). Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), are currently up 50% […]

Car Sales Up 33% In January 2016

• New car sales total in 2015 (124,945) up 30 % on 2014 • €1.19 Billion Exchequer contribution in 2015 from car sales • Employment currently 43,400 2016 forecast new jobs to increase by 3% • Petrol prices down -8.2 %, Diesel prices down -11.4%, Insurance Costs up +30.7 % • January 2016 car sales […]

2015: New Vehicle Sales Up 32%: Used Market Up 11%

Vehicle history expert report today (April 17) that in Q1 2015 there have been 75,655 new vehicles sold. The number includes all new vehicles registered in the State in 2015 and includes private, hackney, taxi as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles and all other classes of vehicle. The figure represents a strong […]

“Clocking” Set To Be Criminalised On Wednesday

Vehicle History Check Expert today (January 13) welcomes the news that the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport is set to move amendments to the Road Traffic (No. 2) Bill 2013 on Wednesday which will introduce the offence of “interference with the odometer of a motor vehicle” into Irish law. That legislation is already […]

Car sales for the first quarter of the year are down 14% on last year

Car sales for the first quarter of the year are down 14% on last year. 39,511 new cars were sold in the first 3 months of the year, compared to 45,840 last year, a decline of 6,329. Sales in March were down 10% with 1,356 fewer cars sold in the month. Alan Nolan, SIMI’s Director […]

Tuesday Most Popular Day to Buy a Car

Vehicle data expert reports today that Tuesday is the most popular day of the week to buy or sell a used car. The result is based on analysis of daily transaction figures for used vehicles over the past 5 years. In terms of yearly breakdown consistently the most popular day of the year to […]