Foreign Affairs Committee issues letter to EU parliaments on tenth anniversary of Syrian conflict

The Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence has issued a letter to parliamentarians across Europe urging them to ensure continued humanitarian assistance to the people of Syria.

The letter – which coincides with the 10th anniversary of the Syrian conflict – also urges parliaments throughout the European Union to ensure governments and the entire international community endeavour to facilitate and support a peaceful and lasting resolution to the conflict.

The Committee issued the letter to colleagues in Foreign Affairs and Defence committees across the European Union, the UK and the European Parliament.

The letter, which is signed by Committee Chairman, Charlie Flanagan TD  notes that as a result of the on-going conflict in Syria, millions of women, men, girls and boys have had to endure living for years in horrendous conditions; forced to move to camps or sites of last resort. He said their lives remain on hold with very uncertain futures.

On behalf of the Committee, Mr Flanagan TD said: “The European community needs to ensure unhindered humanitarian access, particularly for aid workers, ensure that the UNHCR’s principles for return of internationally displaced persons are applied and that funding is not only promised but available for humanitarian assistance and the reconstruction within Syria

“We further call on support for the further renewal of UN Resolution 2533 extending the authorization of a mechanism that brings life-saving humanitarian aid into Syria.

“To achieve a just and lasting peace, an inclusive political process is needed that is Syrian-led, represents all Syrians – including women – and commits to upholding their human rights. A lasting solution is dependent on European and global leaders prioritising an inclusive and stable Syria. “

The Joint Committee on Foreign and Affairs and Defence got an update on the conflict and issues facing the Syrian people, at a meeting this week, from representatives of organisations working on the frontline including Goal, Oxfam, World Vision Ireland, Concern, Trócaire and SAWA for Development and Aid.

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