Energy in Agriculture 15th July 2020 – Focus on Rural Diversification

The Energy in Agriculture committee today announced their fifth consecutive year running Energy in Agriculture in Gurteen. Energy in Agriculture 2020 will focus on rural diversification, forestry and energy usage. We will hear from the champions of the sectors and their success stories.

Energy in Agriculture 15th July 2020 - Focus on Rural Diversification

Paul Kenny CEO of Tipperary Energy Agency says ‘’Energy In Agriculture has always been about identifying the economic or environmental opportunities for farmers in the energy transition. This year, with solar installations in full flight and people more conscious of energy and carbon, we’re hoping EIA will provide farmers with more opportunities for income diversification.’’

Reasons to attend.

  • The rural diversification talks are new this year and will be championed by pioneers of the industry who have turned their agricultural land into a business in other industries such as agri-food, tourism

  • Energy in Agriculture aims to showcase good news stories in the agricultural sector by inviting speakers from around Ireland who have success stories to tell. Attendees will learn the tools to make this success happen on their own farms.

Energy in Agriculture will take place on the Wednesday the 15th of July 2020 in Gurteen College, Tipperary. For more information check out our website or contact

Last year we had over 70 exhibitors from a variety of sectors: biomass, solar, heat pumps, education etc…

We have limited spaces left for exhibitors in 2020 so please book online now to avoid disappoint or contact Stephanie for further details

Early bird prices are available until March 31st

Energy in Agriculture is a collaboration between Tipperary Energy Agency, Teagasc, IFA, Gurteen and Tipperary County Council.

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