Motorsport Ireland launches RESPECT initiative

Motorsport Ireland has launched a new code of conduct called RESPECT to make the sport more inclusive and enjoyable for its drivers, official, and supporters.


The RESPECT concept was first mentioned by Motorsport Ireland CEO Leo Hassett at the Motorsport Ireland Lunch of Champions where he outlined his vision for 2019. This initiative is the latest of his commitments to have been enacted upon.

Motorsport Ireland launches RESPECT initiative

Mr Hassett said: “RESPECT is a code of conduct for all motorsport activities run under Motorsport Ireland’s remit and is designed to create a positive atmosphere both on and off the track through improving relationships between competitors and volunteer officials.


“I am enthusiastic about officially launching RESPECT, which is a key component to making our sport more accessible, fairer and enjoyable for everyone in the motorsport family. The campaign is aimed not only at competitors and officials, but also race organisers, team members, parents, and supporters. It is based on seven simple yet solid values, with the first letter of each value combined spelling the word respect.”

Motorsport Ireland launches RESPECT initiative

Craig Breen, Waterford and co-driver Paul Nagle, Killarney on their way to scoring a 14 second win in the Corrib Oil Galway International

The values encapsulated in RESPECT are:


Relationships – What kind of relationship do we want between officials, marshals, volunteers and competitors? We need to cultivate relationships based on mutual respect and support to ensure that everyone feels valued.


Everyone – We all count. Respect is given to everyone, from the most senior officials, to the newest trainees. We should be judged on how we treat everyone, no matter who they are, or at the level they are involved at.


Support – Support your volunteers, marshals, officials and competitors. This means making sure that they are listened to. Their feedback has value, and they need to know it. Give volunteers and officials the tools they need to do their job. When a good job is done, let them know and congratulate them, when mistakes are made, provide them with the support they need and encourage them to learn and move on. Provide an environment that is positive and free from intimidation and bullying.


Please and thank you – Because they really are the magic words! Saying thank you and showing sincere appreciation shows respect.


Encourage – Help every volunteer and competitor to grow and develop to their full potential. Be a coach, be a mentor. Make them become better than they thought they could be, and better still, help them become better than you.


Care – Care about your fellow volunteers and competitors. Try to know as many names as possible. If someone doesn’t turn up, find out why, don’t just leave it to the next time you may or may not see them.


Treat – Treat people how they want to be treated, not how you want to be treated.


Motorsport Ireland are looking forward to a positive reaction to their initiative over the course of the year.

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