Offaly Invited To Join Global Campaign Against Cancerous Ingredient

Irish campaign group Uplift is asking people in Mayo to join the global efforts to ban Glyphosate, a Roundup ingredient which the World Health Organisation has deemed ‘probably carcinogenic’. This has been followed by moves to ban it around Europe while the state of California has just declared it a known human carcinogen.

The Irish government is still supporting its use – despite the fact that we have the 2nd highest level of glyphosate in our surface water in the EU*.

Now Uplift are mobilising 1000s of its members as part of an EU wide campaign to get it banned for good. When one million signatures are gathered, the European Commission will be forced to respond.

The rules on how European Citizens Initiatives work are really strict. In addition to the one million signatures, they have to be gathered across a certain number of EU countries. In Ireland we need to collect 9,000 signatures to meet the threshold.

“Glyphosate is causing untold damage to our health, environment, wildlife including bees. Uplift members refuse to stand by and let companies such as Monsanto continue to control government policy and thinking. We have a chance to finally get glyphosate banned at EU level and Uplift members are stepping up in their thousands to make this happen.” said Uplift Executive Director Siobhan O Donoghue.

People can find out more and get involved here:

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