Michelin Tyre Sealant Launched

Michelin has introduced its own Michelin-branded Tyre Sealant – an emergency tyre repair product that they claim is quick, easy to use and doesn’t require any tools.

The only tyre repair product approved by them, it can be used to repair a puncture and re-inflate the tyre to a safe pressure so that all may continue their journey until the tyre can be checked by an expert.


New Michelin tyre sealant launched

Suitable for all car tyre sizes up to 245/55 R17, it comes in a 500ml can with protective gloves, a mat to kneel on when using, a disposal box and easy-to-follow instructions.

Applied through the valve, it is ideal for cars with a space saver or no spare tyre. Cars can be driven at up to 50mph / 80kmh after using. It leaves no sticky residue inside the tyre and can be washed off with warm water.

Likely appeal to bikers too, it is deemed safer than changing a wheel on a busy motorway or other hazardous location by allowing motorists to complete a repair and be on their way with minimum delay.

In comparative testing, Michelin states that it proved more effective than other similar products.

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