Offaly Bikers express concerns over changes in legislation

Bikes from Offaly pictured at the Tullamore Court Hotel on Saturday last as they gather to express their concerns about new legislation that may effect them in the future

On Saturday morning last when most the country started the victory celebration after Ireland’s great win against the Aussies concerned bikers from throughout the midlands converged in the Tullamore Court Hotel to discuss the proposed changes to EU laws with regards to the use and maintenance of Scooters, Motorcycles, Quads, and ATV’s .

Proposed changes include an EU registration system where all L category on or off road vehicles will have to be registered and certified each year. This will effect bike owners, farmers whom own quads and down the line possibly even vintage tractors under emission and noise pollution laws. Some other proposed amendments are compulsory wearing of a high-viz jacket, exclusion of any motorcycle over 7 years old from urban areas, home maintenance/servicing will be a thing of the past and data loggers and ABS break are to become compulsory in 2016.

Host of the meeting Bobby Cushen from Ballyboy explained to the group that “the key issue is the lack of facts. The EU commission has posted an amendment document showing only amendments 95-304 on the internet of which has paragraphs of text missing from it. It is written in a legal format which makes it almost impossible to understand“. Bobby also highlighted in his powerpoint presentation that an EU survey was set up to get EU citizens opinions on the amendments however this survey has been closed prior to the stated close date of the 24th of September. “Surely this is a human rights issue when an EU citizen is not supplied with an understandable document and not given the right to reply. Is this the way the EU plan to govern us?, If we let this method of unprofessional and maybe illegal communication happen where will it stop”.

Agnes Casey of ” Bikers Bible” stated how biking is not just a hobby but a way of life for so many people across all social classes and ages. She asked “If these changes are made to the law will her bike be road worthy or will she find out that unless she buys a new standard bike her days of biking will be over?.

Bobby Cushon presenting a power point presentation to bikers from Offaly. Also in picture is Independent Councillor John Leahy

Cllr John Leahy attended the meeting and advised the group to get in touch with the EU information centres, their local Councillors, TD’s and MEP’s due to the large geographical spread of the group. He promised to voice the concerns of the group in the political arena and was astonished that vital facts seemed to be omitted from various documents. Cllr. Leahy stated that it was critical for the group to establish the changes that are been proposed in the new legislation before they are passed in law.

Many protest bike runs are planned for this Sunday the 25th to fall in line with protest across all member states of the EU except France which held their day of protest on Saturday the 10th. Bobby Cushen closed the meeting by asking the 42 attendees “Are you Moaners or Bikers. The Irish have become a nation of moaners and whingers so make up your minds. We have a very real chance of getting these amendments corrected before they become law. Find out through your politicians why the Irish government have kept these changes a secret from you. This is only the beginning of our  campaign. Remember ARE YOU A MOANER OR A BIKER“.

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