Perfect Your Product Pitch with Terry Harmer

Terry Harmer

The Cloughjordan Business Network (CB Network) welcomes nationally renowned trainer Terry Harmer on Tuesday, 1 March at 7.30pm-9.30pm for a workshop on how to craft an ‘elevator pitch’ to efficiently and effectively deliver a short and persuasive sales pitch in any formal or casual situation.

What are the benefits of having an elevator pitch? Take a moment to think about all the events that you will attend in your annual calendar. Think about the networking events, business lunches, dinners, meetings you will attend. Now take a moment to consider exactly how long you are likely to have to talk to each ‘interesting’ person you meet. Finally, think about all the business you could be missing out on if you don’t get to the point quick enough.

Creating an elevator pitch enables you to take the pressure off any unplanned encounters by prearranging a sales pitch that will compensate for a lack of time.

To be truly convincing, you also need to be confident and speak well, and the workshop will touch on these skills, wrapping up with an opportunity to write and practice your very own elevator pitch. This will be followed by coffee and networking opportunities.

The evening is being hosted by the CB Network in the Methodist Hall, Main Street, Cloughjordan, starting at 7.30 sharp and costs €10. To reserve a place, ring Una Johnson on 087 2624154 or email

Terry Harmer is well known for his engaging and inspiring presentations and workshops, and he has been providing effective business training since 1991.

The Cloughjordan Business Network (CB Network) is committed to exploring ways of developing the local economy of Cloughjordan. Its activities include providing a forum for local businesses to meet informally to discuss matters of mutual interest and benefit, identifying and responding to the needs of the business community, campaigning on specific issues, and participating in the Cloughjordan Community Development Committee.

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