Offaly Based ATSR Signs $5M Multi-Year Deal With Ohio-Based Ferno Washington, Inc.

Partnership Brings Fully Integrated Control Systems Technology to Emergency Service Vehicles for the First Time; Solution Increases Fleet Efficiency and Reduces Fuel Costs

Offaly Based ATSR Ltd. today signed a $5 million, multi-year partnership agreement with Ferno Washington, Inc., an Ohio-based provider of professional emergency, mortuary and healthcare products. ATSR designs and manufactures fully integrated communications and control systems for emergency vehicles [EMVs]. Ferno will market ATSR’s technology under its new ACETECH North America brand. A first-of-its-kind electronics technology for the EMV industry, the ACETECH solution increases vehicle efficiency, cuts fuel consumption, and gives fleet managers greater overall control of their fleets. The partnership marks ATSR’s United States market debut. The company is already well entrenched in Canada.

ACETECH’s control technology provides a major boost to the performance efficiency of ambulances and fire trucks. Up to now, these EMVs have relied on disparate control systems, each acting independently to fulfill key functions. There are control systems for safety, sirens, asset tracking, directions, equipment and many other functions. But there is no single control technology that can seamlessly connect the pieces and feed actionable information to EMS personnel on site or fleet managers back at headquarters. Idle time, for instance, represents a sizable portion of vehicle in-service time and drains considerably more fuel than necessary. Yet, today’s control technology can’t reliably monitor idle time at accident sites and safely shut off vehicle operation to conserve fuel.

ACETECH’s solution bridges the gap. In a sophisticated, customizable electronics package, fleet managers can access a much broader range of meaningful information in real time. This includes details like vehicle status, event status and duration, and other important data that can be leveraged to boost fleet efficiency and personnel productivity. Older vehicles can be easily retrofitted.

“For more than 55 years, customers worldwide have relied on Ferno for best-in-class professional emergency and healthcare products that enhance safety for patients and EMS personnel, and increase efficiency,” said ACETECH North America’s Program Manager, Jim Love. “ACETECH’s technology is a natural fit for our product line. It’s the only fully integrated efficiency optimization solution. The savings in fuel costs alone are considerable. But when combined with increased personnel productivity, the payback for fleet owners is significant. We’re delighted to offer this industry-first technology to our customers.”

“When we went looking for a US partner, industry leader, Ferno was a preferred choice,” said Eric Gallagher, CEO of ATSR in Ireland. “Our companies share the same commitment to safety and efficiency. And we’re very impressed by Ferno’s dedication to equipping their customers with state-of-the-art technology that allows them to address their priorities. With the ACETECH products, they’ll increase efficiency and reduce their costs while also putting a greener stamp on their operations.”

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