What are The Corrigan Brothers up to these days? Wonder no more…!

Corrigan Brothes the  Tipperary band who had the International hit “There’s no one as Irish as Brack Obama” are claiming to have invented a new musical Genre called Rural. Ger Corrigan lead singer claims that “Urban with all it’s violence has had it’s day, It’s time for Rural. Rural celebrates the joy of the countryside- organic crops-new farming methodologies and a bit of crack”. Corrigan Brothes first release called Part Time Farmer- is already a hit and Farming Media in Irleland the UK and the USA have already embraced it as a genre. Ger Corrigan continued “there is already a cover version of the song on youtube and City Farmer USA have tagged us as “the Godfathers of Rural”. “We hope Ireland will become the world hub of Rural Music just Like detroit did for American Soul”. Corrigan brothers are currently recording a follow up single called “Macra Girl”. “We are very excited about the Macra Girl girl track it is modern and will have club appeal, mainly GAA club appeal”. The first Rural album will be released in January 2011 By Corrigan Brothers. It’s working title is “Tiller”. “We hope it wil be as big as Thriller but we will wait and see.  Have a look at the video!


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