Cajun Fiddle Swing band from Louisiana to play Roscrea

Playing in The Damer Court Hotel, Roscrea, on Friday 16th July

L’Angélus, the Cajun Fiddle Swing band from Louisiana…….Show starts at 8.30pm.

Expert musicians, incredible singers and top notch live entertainers, L’Angelus combines the best of Louisiana’s music traditions: Cajun fiddle tunes for the dance crowd, saxophone driven swamp-pop, and New Orleans influenced R&B. The band is all from one Louisiana family. Linda Rees got the group going in the mid 90’s with her four oldest children, Katie picked up the guitar, Paige the bass, Johnny the drums and Steve the fiddle, swamp pop saxophone and harmonica.

By 2002, playing as Linda Lou and The Lucky 4, the group had performed at hundreds of county fairs, rodeos and demolition derbys throughout the US. L’Angelus now performs as a dynamic high energy trio, featuring Katie, 26, Paige, 25, and Stephen, 21. They describe their sound as Louisiana roots, but still love to play the popular old rock and country and motown tunes – Americana music. (Copy and Paste the link below to get a taste of what’s to come!)

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