Irish Brand Launches Pioneering Sustainability World First

After two years of research, planning and development, Co. Meath based the Handmade Soap Company are delighted to today announce the launch of their pioneering new indulgent product range: Anam. Derived from the Irish word for ‘soul’, the new Anam range transcends any existing environmental technologies. Already considered ‘The greenest brand in Ireland’, this collection is the brand’s most sustainable move to date, completely re-imagining the way we enjoy luxury soaps and lotions from home.

Irish Brand Launches Pioneering Sustainability World First

THSC Anam Product Range

The hero products are a lifelong, ornate hand lotion and hand wash glass bottle. Once your soap and lotion are running low, you simply re-order & refill the contents to your glass bottle, which arrive in a 100% compostable pouch, to be placed in your food bin.

Irish Brand Launches Pioneering Sustainability World First

Anam Refill Pouch Wash

The glass bottles can be filled with the contents of your compostable pouch time and time again. The Anam collection is refreshingly transparent in its approach to greenness; there are no loopholes, hidden extras or ‘green washing’ here. The collection is Ecocert and Cosmos accredited and the pouch will fully decompose in as little as 90 days. The first of its kind to be launched in the world.


Speaking about the important new launch, The Handmade Soap Company Founders, husband and wife team said:


Donagh Quigley:


“The Soul of The Handmade Soap Company has always been rooted in natural ingredients, sustainable packaging and kindness. With the Anam collection we have made our most sustainable step forward yet”.


“All our plastic bottles are currently recycled and recyclable. Our customers know this and do this every day. Now, we’ve created a refill that is compostable and a lifelong glass bottle to keep forever”.


Gemma McGowan:


“Choosing the Anam collection means you still get all the eco-friendly goodness of our products with the added benefit of zero plastic. It took us 2 years to get here and we are so, so proud. And we are proud that an important worldwide sustainability advancement like this has come from Ireland generally”.


“We would love to see this technology, that we have invested heavily into developing, being used across all industries and product ranges around the world. It’s astronomical the amount of plastic it would reduce. Plus the glass bottles look gorgeous in your home!”


Each year around 8 million tonnes of plastic waste escape into our ocean, detrimental to our environment and marine wildlife. This ground-breaking collection completely eliminates the need for an endless cycle of plastic waste, simply pop your pouch into a food waste bin and unlike non-biodegradable materials it will completely break down. Multi-faceted in its approach to kindness, the Anam collection’s products have been carefully designed to be as kind to you, as they are to the planet.


The new complete Anam range offers:


  • Hand Wash – RRP: €24.95
  • Hand Lotion – RRP: €24.95
  • Hand Wash Refill – RRP: €11.95
  • Hand Lotion Refill – RRP: €11.95
  • Body Oil – RRP: €25
  • Poo Drops – RRP: €25
  • Electric Diffuser – RRP: €70
  • Essential Oils – RRP: €15
  • Essential Oil Gift Set – RRP: €40
  • Candle – RRP: €35

Blending the finest handpicked ingredients, the Anam collection is enriched with a delectable mix of rare essential oils for the ultimate skin and wellbeing pick-me-up. Effortlessly fusing warming coriander seed, soothing lavender with heady eucalyptus and geranium and rich vetiver at the base, all blends are 100% natural, 100% vegan and pack a botanical powerhouse punch for the senses.


Another pioneering inclusion, The Anam collection also features Poo Drops. Completely biodegradable and environmentally safe, squeeze a few drops into the bowl and a barrier of natural oils blocks any unwanted odors from rising upwards.


Today The Handmade Soap Company also announce the opening of their POP UP Shop on Dublin’s Wicklow Street today. The brand wanted to create a space where they could showcase their ethos and bring people along their sustainable journey. Their “off the beaten Track” limited edition range will be produced on site. Shoppers can watch the producers make this range of candles, lip balms, bath booms and perfumes on site.


Anam will be available for sale on 1st December on or at the Pop-Up Shop.

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