New health insurance comparison site launches to help curb customer confusion

HealthCare Compare ( has today, launched its new platform which aims to remove the confusion and overpaying associated with health insurance plans. The Dublin based company hopes to help consumers make informed decisions on reviewing cover at the renewal stage. is unique in that it helps users identify the most suitable healthcare plan to suit their requirements and budgets through its advanced comparison tools and advice from health insurance specialists.

New health insurance comparison site launches to help curb customer confusion

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The launch comes during one of the busiest periods for the sector (November to March) which sees thousands of policies up for renewal. According to the HIA, 2,289,000 Irish people currently have health insurance policies. With over 320 on the market and 2 in 5 Irish people purchasing health insurance, many consumers are becoming overwhelmed with options, resulting in many overpaying. In addition to this, research has revealed an inertia or fear when it comes to changing providers. According to recent figures from the ESRI, 14% of Irish people claim it is too much hassle to switch insurers with 11.2% saying they couldn’t be bothered. It was also found that 7.2% of people said they failed to change providers as it was too difficult to compare plans. offers a wide range of easy to navigate plans from Ireland’s three providers, Irish Life Health, Laya Healthcare and VHI. HealthCare Compare enables consumers to choose the right insurance premium for them through conducting a full review of their insurance wants and needs and providing users with alternative plans that are a better fit. Through the site, consumers can compare all insurance plans through selecting the type of cover they require, whether it be a basic, corporate or high end plan. They can then select their annual budget, outline the level of excess they would be willing to pay and tailor their premium through selecting which benefits are most important to them. Some of the benefits they can select include cardiac, maternity, fertility, back pain and prescriptions among others. HealthCare Compare also hopes to recruit at least 10 insurance experts across Ireland over the next six months.

The concept for came from young female health insurance expert Barbara Sheahan. She developed the concept for a personalised insurance premium comparison platform following her years of experience within the industry. Sheahan noticed a sizable gap in the market for a health insurance policy comparison platform that would better inform consumers on the best plan for them and their families.


Commenting on the launch of HealthCare Compare, Managing Director Barbara Sheahen said:

“We are delighted to have launched our personalised health insurance comparison site to give consumers better insight into the benefits and cost savings associated with selecting a health insurance plan. December to March is when most consumers renew their health insurance, and we understand it can be difficult to sieve through the endless options available. Although many would like to review their options, fear of change and inertia prevents them from doing so. Through we hope to be able to help consumers identify the most suitable plan for them at the best rate, whether that includes fertility benefits, maternity, cardiac, health screening, counselling. Our team of experts will help advise on the most suitable options available, helping them navigate their way through the huge, often-confusing maze of options available to them. We offer a personal service and ensure everyone fully understands the benefits of their plan by simplifying the overwhelming amount of information into their key requirements.”


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