National Walking Day 2020

Waterways Ireland is thrilled to be a partner in National Walking Day on the 27th September, as part of the European Week of Sport. Inaugurated last year, National Walking Day is taking place on trails, in parks, beaches, GAA Clubs and towpaths across the country, anywhere people can get out an walk!

National Walking Day 2020

Acres Lake Floating Boardwalk

Waterways Ireland has developed over 350km of multi-activity trails which pass through many communities across the island. More than a million people lie within10km of a waterway Waterways Ireland manages including the soon to be completed Royal Canal Greenway, Shannon Blueway and others. Having off-road walking trails within easy access is a huge asset for communities and walking trails along water always get a special mention for how they benefit people with both mental and physical health and well-being.

The website lists walking events and walking groups that are participating in National Walking Day so you can walk with others if you don’t want to strike out alone. But the main point of Get Ireland Walking and National Walking Day is to get people to integrate walking into their everyday activity.

There are over 3.1m regular walkers in Ireland, many more having started during Covid-19. So join in on National Walking Day and build a walk into your everyday routine.


Sharon Lavin, Head of Marketing and Communications for Waterways Ireland said” “Waterways Ireland are delighted to be a partner in National Walking Day on September 27th. This is an ideal opportunity to encourage people to see our waterside trails as a fitness and recreational amenity for them. Exercise plays such an important role in our mental health and wellbeing and with the provision of our Blueway and Greenway trails, we have now created even more locations for people to get out and walk in their local area.

The Royal Canal Greenway will launch later this year and this will be the latest in a range of greenway options available in Ireland. It will be the longest of its kind, stretching for 130km from Maynooth to Longford Town/Cloondara alongside the tranquil and historic Royal Canal.”

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