5, 000 free food growing kits now available through the Innocent & GIY ‘Big Grow’

Today innocent & GIY has announced plans to make 5,000 of their Big Grow home kits available for little & large growers across the nation, in a bid to provide some wholesome and healthy reprise amidst the monotony of lockdown.


The initiative, which rolled out earlier this year in schools, encourages kids to become mini-farmers and market gardeners. Now it’s back, here to help you herd your children towards horticulture again. What better time to grow your own, than now in this ‘new normal’ when we have more time than ever at home.

5, 000 free food growing kits now available through the Innocent & GIY 'Big Grow'

Jessica Chinamasa (9), left, and Hannah Bryce-Smith (9), little growers from St. Brigid’s Garden Club in Stillorgan Co. Dublin who joined the growvolution with the innocent and GIY Big Grow earlier this year. PHOTO: Mark Stedman

The Big Grow home kits contain a pack of seeds, a compost disc, and instructions on how to plant and care for your grow. You can share your progress on social, why not even challenge your friends and their little growers to get on board and join the fun? Innocent & GIY want to fill social media feeds with tales of sprouting cress, watering recommendations and soil considerations – as you plant and nurture you grow with love.


innocent have set a challenge to the nation to get creative and take part in the Big Grow Show. As part of the Big Grow initiative, innocent & GIY are asking growers across Ireland to get as creative as possible and share their veg-growing antics. Whether it’s singing to your cress to make it grow or planting your peas in a shoe because that’s what you want to do, innocent is on the hunt for all forms of creativity when it comes to growing fruit & vegetables. This competition is open to all those who wish to take part and not limited to just those who receive a home kit. Three creative growers that show their growing progress on social will be rewarded with the coveted prize of a €150 voucher for the GIY online store. Share on social using #BigGrowShow and tag @innocentIreland and be in with the chance of winning.


Speaking about the importance of gardening & growing, Mick Kelly, Founder of GIY said “There has been a huge surge in interest in growing food in recent weeks and we’re delighted to work with innocent to make this experience available to even more children & families across Ireland as we bring The Big Grow home. There is nothing more optimistic than sowing a seed and the fascination that children have with watching a plant grow from into something you can eat makes it the perfect activity to stay positive during these difficult times.”


So whether you’re looking for some more wholesome home school activity, or a fun project to not only learn lots but produce some homegrown produce – join in. Visit innocentbiggrow.com to be in with a chance of winning a free Big Grow pack from innocent & GIY. The Big Grow kits will be distributed on a first come first sown basis, so visit innocentbiggrow.com today.


Get involved in the innocent Big Grow by following innocent Drinks Ireland on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – pick up tips and advice. #BigGrowShow


  1. Small is beautiful – starting small with 4 or 5 different types of veg is a brilliant way to start your GIY journey. Quick growing salad leaves are great to get a quick success under your belt to fire up your enthusiasm.
  2. Think about the joys of GIYi’ng throughout the experience – the mindfulness of sowing the seeds, the joy of seeing them germinate for the first time, and then the pleasure of eating them.
  3. Don’t worry if stuff goes wrong. What’s the worst that can happen? You plant your seeds too deep and nothing grows. Bounce right back and try again.
  4. It’s all about the soil – remember, healthy soil equals healthy veg equals healthy you. This is particularly true of anything that takes longer than 6 weeks to grow. Get your hands on good quality potting compost and don’t forget to feed the plants when they get bigger.
  5. Share the journey with other GIY’ers. It’s more fun that way and if you run into trouble you’re bound to find someone who’s solved that problem before. The GIY social channels are a great place to start if you’re the first GIYer among your friends and family.

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