OK Who’s Next? App booking for Vaccination Rollout available to GP’s & Pharmacies right now

‘OK Who’s Next?’, a Galway based Enterprise Ireland supported business, is pleased to announce that it is placed to immediately support COVID19 vaccination rollout to the public with its online app-based appointment booking platform. OK Who’s Next? has been selected by Enterprise Ireland in conjunction with the Sunday Business Post as a Top 100 Start-Up in Ireland. This reflects the success of how well OK Who’s Next? app booking solution can make a positive difference to businesses in Ireland right now.

OK Who’s Next? App booking for Vaccination Rollout available to GP’s & Pharmacies right now

Managing director Martin Flynn says “As the rollout of a COVID19 vaccine ramps up it is obvious that Community based healthcare professionals will be required to support Health Centre/GP dispensing to cope with potential demand. The logistics of handing this demand for who do not have an app based online booking infrastructure in place will be extremely challenging. Part of the challenge is to provide Service Users, accessibility, availability, and convenience of a simple to use an easy online booking facility. OKWN? is that facility, where healthcare professionals can set up in minutes and immediately take appointments for vaccinations as well as other services offered.”


OK Who’s Next? software supports appointment-based businesses in several industries such as Hairdressers, Beauticians, Wellbeing, Therapists, Gyms, Fitness who all need an app solution when it comes to engaging with their users. The move to include Healthcare Centres is a natural progression for the use of the OKWN? software.


Flynn goes on to say “The sudden availability of a potential vaccine will have many Healthcare professionals on the backfoot, scrambling to plan how they can execute dispensing in terms of staff capacity, storage, regulatory guidelines, and appointment management etc. Healthcare professionals can avail of this solution right now and literally be taking appointments immediately. OK Who’s Next? is cloud based and can handle unlimited appointments a day. Service users can book appointments instantly and get immediate confirmation and reminders of appointments on the free-to-use iOS and Android apps.”


Flynn goes on “Healthcare professionals stay in total control of their appointments in line with the capacity of their facility therefore making sure they are not overwhelmed with the potential rush for the vaccine. And of course, OKWN? can be used for other healthcare led appointment services, such as blood Checks, Cholesterol checks etc. We are delighted to be able to support such an important activity as a National Vaccination Rollout during such a challenging time for the country.


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