Teagasc National Equine Conference 14th November

Challenges and opportunities are to the forefront of this year’s Teagasc National Equine Conference which is taking place on Thursday, 14 November, at the Castletroy Park Hotel Limerick.


Speaking in advance of the conference, Teagasc equine specialist Wendy Conlon said: “A variety of topics will be addressed including pre-purchase veterinary examinations, the potential role of renewables in equine enterprises, while recognising the uncertainty and potential key challenges of Brexit.”


Two panel discussions will separately focus on the challenges and opportunities for breeders and producers targeting the eventing and showjumping markets. The panellists all have ‘skin in the game’, and a wealth of experience to bring to the table.


Dr Kevin Hanrahan, Head of the Teagasc Rural Economy and Development programme, will provide introductory update in relation to Brexit. His research in agricultural economics has been largely based on evaluating the impact of policy changes. In the context of Brexit Kevin’s expertise will be very relevant in providing economic and policy analysis for the agri-food sector.


The subject of pre-purchase veterinary examinations is a topical one which can make or break a potential sale. Not all vets may agree on the advice offered on a given set of x-rays, leaving vendors with more questions than answers. To explain from a veterinary perspective the intricacies involved, and discuss the topic is Marcus Swail from EquiVET Ireland.


Both Richard Sheane from Cooley Farm and Kate Rocher-Smith from Dassett Eventing are direct customers to breeders. With Richard buying and selling at the scale of approximately 100 horses a year and engaging more in the purchase of foals as well as three year olds he is excellently placed to offer advice to breeders. Kate is resident in our largest market, the UK, and has intimate understanding of what it takes to produce young horses with potential for international sport. Both will be re-joined by Marcus for the discussion on challenges facing breeders and producers of event horses and the potential opportunities in this marketplace.


In the showjumping panel, both Ralph van Venrroij from the KWPN and Harrie Theeuwes from Stud 111 have insights to offer on the factors that contribute in their opinions to the phenomenal successes of the KWPN, BWP and sBS studbook horses and their breeders. Harrie has been developing his own breeding enterprise for over 25 years now, and also has some sage advice on marketing foals. Richard walks in the shoes of the breeder and farmer, buyer, producer, and owner of competition horses. He is keen to share his own perspective on the opportunities for breeders.

Barry Caslin, Teagasc Energy and Rural Development Specialist will outline some options to engage in the use of renewables on equine enterprises. There are opportunities to be smarter about energy use and potentially to provide additional income sources.


Teagasc look forward to welcoming breeders, producers and all interested in the sport horse sector to the Castletroy Park Hotel for a 2pm start on November 14th, with registration opening at 1.15pm. Booking must close on November 12th https://teagasc.clearbookings.com/  or via  www.teagasc.ie/equine-conference. Any queries re booking contact wendy.conlon@teagasc.ie or vanessa.keane@teagasc.ie

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