New Novel By Frankie Gaffney

Liberties Press are delighted to announce the publication of our latest debut novel Dublin Seven by Frankie Gaffney. This provocative debut, described as ‘Love/Hate meets Trainspotting’ by award-winning writer Christine Dwyer Hickey, was highlighted by Patrick McCabe as being ‘high octane and visceral, with a blistering breakneck narrative.’

New Novel By Frankie Gaffney

Book Cover of Dublin Seven by Frankie Gaffney

Dublin Seven begins in 2005 and ends on the cusp of the Celtic Tiger collapse, just a few years later. We are introduced to eighteen year old Shane as he enters the cocaine dealing trade, simultaneously falling in love for the first time and endangering his life, as he becomes seduced by the glamorous lure of quick money and power associated with drug dealing and gangland culture.

The author’s early years were tumultuous, dipped in clashes with the local Gardaí and local gangs. Gaffney claims that Dublin Seven is ‘the most authentic portrayel of Dublin’s underworld to date’. Raw, powerful and oozing with familiar, authentic characters that linger with the reader long after the pages are closed, Dublin Seven hurls the announcement of a new Irish literary talent

About the Book:

Dublin Seven is the gritty, violent, sometimes raunchy, story of eighteen year-old Shane coming up as a small-time cocaine dealer in Dublin. Having just left school and keen to assert his independence, Shane loses himself in the tail end of Celtic Tiger nightlife. Through a chance meeting with a local gangster, he sets himself up in business

—C’mere. D’ye know where I’d get a bit of tha stuff? Shane asked Griffo.

—It’s deadly so it is.

—Yeah no bother kid, it’s always there if ye want it, anytime.

New Novel By Frankie Gaffney

Frankie Gaffney author of Dublin Seven

Soon, Shane’s life is drugs, dance music, gangsters – and a beautiful girlfriend. But as the Celtic Tiger fades, so does Shane’s luck. The threats multiply, his paranoia builds and the violence
creeps closer.

Dublin Seven is a provocative coming-of-age tale set in gangland culture, combined with a troubled urban romance, offering the reader an authoritative, explosive glimpse into criminal underworld of

About the Author: Frankie Gaffney came of age in Dublin’s North Inner City. His father spent time in prison, and he was himself immersed in the city’s underworld. In his mid-twenties he was accepted into Trinity College Dublin, where he studied English Literature. He has since been awarded the Ussher
Fellowship to conduct literary research there. Dublin Seven is informed both by the milieu in which he grew up, and his formal study of great literature.

Praise for Dublin Seven

‘High octane, visceral and uncompromising, Dublin Seven introduces a talent to be watched…compellingly rough lyricism and a blistering breakneck narrative.’—Patrick McCabe, author of
The Butcher Boy
‘Unnerving, page-turning suspense…an evocative, fast-paced journey through Dublin’s underworld’ — Dr Michael Pierse, author of Writing Ireland’s Working-class: Dublin After O’Casey.

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